Historical coastal sceneries routes

Open source 3D content creation program


To make  the content shown in the maritime routes that I have written about on my site I use' Blender 3D',  the open source 3D content creation program. I just use it as simply as possible.

Any descriptions that I give for making content are just my own method. There may be other methods to use, or easier methods. Or the method of making content and simulations I am using using is perhaps incorrect or different or no longer works


To run the routes download version 2.79 Blender.The link below is to download Blender as detailed.
The game engine in version 2.8 Blender has been  removed and Blender is having many changes so will NOT run the routes.
However the back versions of Blender go back many years.
Also they are working on a revised Game Engine UPBGE so it seems it will be a while until full details are known.


Much will probably be guesswork as many of the old ports and harbours might be silted up , derelict or in ruins. I was trying to keep to a specific era as ports,  harbours, quays, were often  altered depending on the size and shape of the ships and the changing years. However I don't think this will be possible,  so each route for download could be any specific era...except modern.  Example Liverpool docks c1800 was about one and half miles. by 1830s it had doubled in size to about three miles. Some now have become marinas as many (or most) of the of the old docks closed with the beginning of the large ships and finally the container ships an liners. Same with lighthouses as many are now redudant.

Also for excample floating drivable ships and boats are just my own  method of using an offset collision box around the sea and ship, as there  is no specific function that I know of in 'Blender'?

Routes if available they will probably show as an active link. If in black not active. The procedure is extract or drag the route from the zip file. The folder should contain the blend  file (the route). Texture folder and a readme. Double click or open the blend file. With mouse pointer over the window press keyboard  key P...or game/start game engine. Esc to leave the active simulation.
Coastal UK

Terrain is based on srtm2 satellite data. .hgt files and Blender script generates the terrain. However I have to trace along rivers to open them, then very gradually try  make the harbours, ports, trees and some content.
The number and route is just one place or harbour on a  route.

So use any of my tutorials, descriptions, screen-shots or routes, at your own risk as regards computer lock-ups or loss of data, etc. Perhaps  make a backup of any important files, also scan the download files  for any malware or viruses. The descriptions in these pages refer only to my own findings on my own computer. I have no idea how Blender 3D or the different functions will work on other computers, laptops, computer tablets. or on smaller computers....if at all.  Descriptions, screenshots, and any dates shown might be approximate and/or include some guesswork.

Active link should be available for download.
Roaming Camera home/end/arrow keys
Drivable wasd - tfgh - ijkl
Animations moving ships, etc,  keys 1 to 9

Esc to leave the active simulation.

00)  Isle of Man  (14082018)  Full island and a very large route approx 45 km. but vertices (dots that make the mesh reduced by 10s of thousands by removing most of the seabed. Replaced by a square of 4 vertices.

01)   Solway - (13082018) River Annan and Annan harbour * scenario - Key 1 starts the animation of sailing flat moving from the wood jetties to the stone quayside. Steering the  sailing flat is keyboard keys wasd. Collect 2 lots of barrels from the quayside by positioning the barge as near as possible opposite the barrels and close as possible to quayside. There is an invisible box around the ship from top of mast to waterline so bow and stern are inside a box when manoevering.


02) Silloth.
(13082018) key 9  opens the dock gates at Silloth dock.
Drivable sailing flat wasd.
The other port is Maryport but about 10 miles along the coast.
To start the animation keyboard 1 -  sailing-flat travelling to Maryport from Silloth.
Takes about and hour.
However initially it will be very slow starting leaving Silloth harbour.

03) Whitehaven
(13082018) key 9  opens the dock gates at Silloth dock.
Drivable sailing flat wa(Includes 3 ports... Workington, Harrington. Whitehaven.

04) St. Bees   (13082018)

05)  Millom (13082018)

06)  Barrow  (13082018)

07) Morecambe (13082018)

08) River Wyre (14082018)

09) Rivers Ribble and Douglas (14082018)

Mersey - river Mersey and docks c1810 * scenario... key 1 opens the dock gates to Liverpools first dock, built in brick.
Drivable sailing flat is on the far shore. wasd.
Two lots of barrels to collect, one on second jetty on far shore and one near the inn in the first dock.
Access to the far shore cargo of barrels is blocked by the single jib sailing barge.
Key q will start the barge on its preset route which takes a little while to start  and the same if you wish to 'sail' the drivable barge across the Mersey into the docks.

Conwy - castle and river - mixture of eras * scenario... sailing flat wasd from Deganwy dock to Conwy quay to collect cargo of barrels.



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