First just the usual terms, Download and run any of the routes at you own risk as regards possible computer problems such as computer lockups or loss of data, etc. Also perhaps run a scan for any possible viruses or malware. All details, dates and content may be approximate or  guesswork.

To run these routes if downloading them you will need to download Blender.
You do not need to know how to use Blender. It  has to be version 2.79b or perhaps versions before this version will work. With version 2.8 Blender has the game engine section removed as they are working on updating Blender. Also an updated game engine UPBGE is being worked on and   hopefully might be included back into 'Blender' . There is no problem though as Blender has the previous versions available for download. Link on index page.  Then we will see later what develops as regarding a revised Blender Game Engine.

After downloading the zip file drag or remove the route folder from the zip folder.
Inside there are 3 items. A blend file which is the routes, textures folder, readme.
Double click the Blend file with the mouse or open.
Either with the mouse pointer over the window press keyboard key P.
or click game engine.
There is a roaming camera in all the rouets operated by keyboard home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable boats use the keyboard keys wasd, tfgh, ijkl.
If any animations are inlcuded they use keys 1 to 9.
To leave the route use keyboard 'Esc'.

I will be returning to making 50km approx. size routes. Initially these will be the BASIC routes and texture, sea made, basic texture and single, drivable floating sailing-flat. (barge with sail). Routes will start from the Isle of Man then over to the Solway Firth.

Isle of Man  - basic - wasd - (17/10/2018) -01

Solway Firth - wasd (18102018) - 02

There are about 4 harbours in route but this version centres on river Annan.
The boat has an invisible collision box completely around it - You need to touch this on barrels.
Scenario. Collect cargo of barrels from wood pier,  mouth of river and from stone quays upriver.

Lake District - basic - wasd (18102018) - 03

Morecambe Bay - basic - (19102018) - 04

Lancashire - basic -
(19102018) - 05