All about Blender open source
2.79b or 2.79 required to open my blend route file.
Earlier versions might also work
A fork of Blender updating the original game engine.
The game engine is removed from  version 2.8 Blender.
The fork will remake the original game engine reusable, as far as I know.

Most pages will be descriptions and mini-screenshots.
A maximum of five varying routes might be available 'eventually'.

01,02) Wyre and Ribble  :  


My site is about the past ages and bygone times. I am now interested  in open source as regards to creating virtual coastal  routes about the past ages and bygone times. Also I might include my photos of old docks, canals, ete, items of postal history, etc.

Changes to Blender and the removal of the original game engine from it no longer makes it relevant for me. I have no wish spending numerous hours trying to understand it...nodes replace logic bricks, no game engine but an interactive mode, but how interactive for large maritime serious routes I have no idea,  and a mass of functions and buttons . Few of which seem to be  required for creating interesting basic simple maritime coastal routes using srtm2/hgt files based on satellite  data. This creates the terrain. The route itself relating to the times gone by and the era depends on what is added to it.

There is a glimmer of hope  though with a fork off Blender called UPBGE which I am considering. Initially I might try it for making maritime routes but as regards downloads for the time being I will use version 2.79b of Blender and make a link to 2.79b.  Regarding UPBGE I don't need to use it yet for the downloads but will use it for my own copies of routes and perhaps also use it for the screenshots. Regarding version 2.79b of Blender you do not need to know how to use it but you need to install it on your own computer  to open the 'blend' file which is the whole route.

UPBGE will evolves on a pemanent basis and at the same time I will see how the route making fares using it for my own copy. At least I will be able to make interesting screenshots and descriptions based on the  UPBGE maritime files.

Previously I made the routes with an interactive scenario in some of the routes,  such as collect cargo or grounded barge and rescue crewman, etc. Any new maritime routes made now will not have any scenarios as I do not require a game element as the routes only help to explain about the past ages. The emphasis will be creating  moving ships or barges  on preset tracks between harbours, open and close dock gates and perhaps working locks. Ships would mainly be age of sail but possibly might include early paddle steamers and early coastal steam ships...all very basic.

Previously I made a drivable ship by offsetting the collision box so the waterline tested on the collision box around the sea, as there was no drivable floating function. But a change of tack this time and there will be only ships moving on preset invisible tracks in harbours and between ports. I can make stationary floating ships that will rise and fall on the water sheet.  I will see if I can start building up a stock of maritime basic routes centred on harbours and ports. The exception could be drivab[e barge of drivable sailing flat for canal lock such as at Ellesmere Port.

Finally as the whole site is about the past ages and bygone times I might be able to include links to other non commercial suitable sites about the past ages. They can be inland as well as coastal... churches, villages, canal networks, etc.

Past Ages and Bygone Times perhaps only an instant away