The era I try and set is for an age of about two centuries ago, more or less.  Most of the docks from that era have now fallen into disuse or perhaps changed into modern leisure craft marinas with rows of small craft at their moorings. However many of these harbours were once very active docks. The era I am trying to convey is just a tiny basic piece of the past ages and bygone time limited by my minimal  skills and Blender. After the age of sail the paddle steamers started to appear  followed by screw drive ships.

Then ships were constantly increasing in size and the old docks were no longer usable. Either too shallow or lock entrance gates too small to allow access for the increasing size and depth of the ships. These required new docks making with deep water for the liners and container ships. So anything I try amd make in Blender is mainly the age of sail with perhaps very basic paddle steamers later, which  will relate to the older docks. The problem arises then as regards which  docks were old say up to 1900,  so all that I make is very approximate of guesswork. I make the terrain using satellite data of srtm2 files and a Blender script to generate the terrain. Rivers have to be made by lowering the terrain along their course and the the seabed lowered to create the sea.

To run these routes if downloading them you will need to download Blender but you do not need to know how to use it. It  has to be version 2.79b or perhaps versions before this version will work. With version 2.8 Blender has the game engine section removed as they are working on updating it. Also an updated game engine UPBGE is being worked on so hopefully might be included back into 'Blender' . There is no problem though as Blender has the previous versions available for download. See link below.  Then we will see later what develops as regarding a revised Blender Game Engine. Use 2.79b or perhaps earlier.

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