All about Blender open source

2.79b or 2.79 required to open my blend route file. Version 2.8 onwards no longer suitable for my requirements.
You do not need to understand Blender  as it is only required  to open  the route 'blend' file.
At a later date I might change to the Launcher system which I have tried and tested out.
For now I have decided to continue with 2.79 which is easily downloadable,  at the time of writing.


My site is about the past ages and bygone times. I am now interested  in open source as regards to creating virtual coastal  routes about the past ages and bygone times. Changes to Blender and the removal of the original game engine from version 2.8, no longer makesversion 2.8 relevant for me.


Regarding the routes the downloads will change from time to time.
These will be of the UK coastline and I will try and include some details of the past ages in them.
I will probably vary them. Also maybe include sections of canal. The easiest way is for me to start with a very basic version and then gradually perhaps add more to them and update version no. ver01,ver02,ver03, etc.  Regarding  general details about the  routes and coastline I will use the blog-like pages . The starting point will be the Solway Firth. If the available downloadable routes increase substantially I will possibly  roatate them in groups.

Past Ages and Bygone Times perhaps only an instant away