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Downloads if available.
Useful for myself and possibly others.
All about Blender open source.
Download version 2.79, or 2.79b


My site is mainly about the coastal past ages and bygone times of a limited area.  Blender changes from version 2.8,  as the original game engine is removed due to the Blender updates. There is no problem in downloading Blender 2.79/2.79b from the archives and there is a link to it from this site. 

2.79b or 2.79 required to open my blend route file.
Version 2.8 onwards no longer suitable for my requirements as the orignal game engine removed.

You do not need to understand Blender  as it is only required  to open  the route 'blend' file.
Should version 2.79 become unavailable in the future I may change to the Launcher system which I have tried and tested out.
For now I am  continuing with 2.79b which is easily downloadable,  at the time of writing.

Use any of the routes or any of the content at your own risk as regards possible computer lock-ups, or loss of data, etc.
Perhaps make back-ups of any important files and scan files for any possible viruses or malware.
Descriptions, measurements,  dates, content, details, etc ... might be approximate or guesswork.
The routes and content are NOT for commercial use.

Roaming camera keys are home/end and arrow keys.
Animations and preset vessel movements keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Drivable ships keys wasd. tfgh, ijkl
Extract or drag the route folder from the zip file.
There are 3 items blend file (route), texures folder, readme.
Open the blend file.
Next ...Either method..
With mouse pointer over window press key P.
or tab 'game/start game engine'.
The era I am trying to make  will now be approximately up to mid  19th century and try and keep to the age of sail and perhaps early paddle steamers.

A quick look on the Internet shows many of the old harbours turned into marinas, so all details and content I make may be approximate or guesswork or basic and pretend.  The date on the zip file will be the the latest date uploaded. I will change the routes around eventually with possibly about 5 to 10 online at any one time.

Past Ages and Bygone Times perhaps only an instant away